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Vitahealth Vitamin C With Zinc 60 Tablets + 30 Tablets ( + ) Vitamin D3 1000iu 60 Tablets + 30 Tablets FOC Elderberry 90 Tablets
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  • Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, facilitates the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, essential to build strong bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin D3 is the naturally occurring form of vitamin D which is biologically active.
  • Deficiency of vitamin D can cause bones to become soft and weak.
  • In a base of rice bran oil for good absorption
  • Recommended for individuals who do not get enough vitamin D.

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  • Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which helps maintain healthy, bones, teeth, gums as well as the general structure of the body.
  • Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which protects the body against the harmful effects of free radicals and supports a healthy bodily system.
  • Vitamin C is an important factor in the production of collagen.
  • Zinc is an essential trace mineral essential for metabolize carbohydrates, fats and protein.
  • Citrus aurantium, rutin and Citrus sinensis increase bioavailability and assimilation of vitamin C in the body, enhancing its antioxidant activity.
  • Time-release formula gradually releases nutrients over a sustained period, providing longer-lasting protection throughout the day.
  • Recommended for individuals who wish to maintain good health.

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  • European elderberry has long been used as a good health booster.
  • European elderberry contains a healthy punch of anthocyanins which act as antioxidant to strengthen the body and protect the body cells against oxidative damage.
  • Reishi mushroom, commonly known as ling zhi, is a medicinal fungus that has been cherished as a health-promoting tonic.
  • Reishi mushroom contains polysaccharides which are known to promote good health.
  • Astragalus has been medicinally used to strengthen the body.
  • Recommended for individuals who have a weakened body.

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