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  • Highly concentrated 10% of Urea moisturizes and provide fast relief for flaking and tight skin
  • Panthenol relieves irritation, promotes skin regeneration and moisturizes skin
  • Contains botanical oils to lock in moisture to soften and smoothen skin
  • Keratolytic effect of 10% Urea encourages scaling and desquamation to remove callused skin and roughness
  • Suitable for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetic patients, cracked heels, extreme dry and flaky skin
  • Provide rapid relief and moisture for dry and flaky hands
  • Panthenol relieve skin irritations and promotes skin cell regeneration
  • Relieves itchiness with Bisabolol and softens the skin with Allantoin
  • Safeguards the skin against dehydration with Glycerin
  • Lipid complex with Avocado and Olive oil supports lipid renewal
  • Hydrolyzed Protein strengthens and conditions skin and nails
  • Keratolytic effect of 5% Urea encourages scaling and desquamation for smoother skin
  • Suitable for contact dermatitis, eczema, extreme dry and flaky hands