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In this day and age, most people found themselves having joint pain or inflammation at the joint. This leads to many negative effects, such as cannot carry out daily activities comfortably, doing extreme exercise like marathon, hard to kneel and pray which is essential for the muslims and etc. Well, joint pain and inflammation can be cause by several factors such as obesity, smoking, higher age, injuries or even stress and dissastifaction with life. 


Most of the elderly normalize this by viewing it as “wear and tear”. As a result, they do not seek medical care and limit their movement to avoid more joint wear. While some of the people might think that it’s the end of their world, as they kept having the mindset that they can’t do the things they are passion in anymore with the so called “disabled leg”. They felt stress, depression, moody thus just wait for the day to pass. The cycle repeats and repeat. However, there is a food supplement which can aid in reducing joint pain. 


Orthotrex - Is a food supplement which can lubricate joints and foster cartilge repair. In this food supplement, it contains Avocadoflex TM and collagen that can decrease OA (osteoarthritis) progression. Avocadoflex TM is a natural plant-based substance that helps to protect, repair, and strengthen the joints over time. It is a great blend of avocado and soybean extracts that helps grant more protein to cartilage and improve joint mobility. Furthermore, it promotes cartilage regeneration, prevents cartilage deterioration, anti-inflammatory, slows the progression of osteoarthritis, and relieves pain and stiff joints.



4 main ingredients for orthotrex: 










AvocadoFlex ®


bean phytosterol)


-Prevent synovial cell degeneration, restore the synovial cavity, and increase the quality of the synovial fluid.


-Stimulates the creation of collagen, Aggrecan, and Proteoglycan in cartilage and chondrocytes.


-By inhibiting several molecules and pathways implicated in osteoarthritis, it promotes cartilage repair. 


-Prevents synovial cell deterioration, which keeps synovial fluid healthy and provides better lubrication.






Fine Oat Powder


-aid in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as controlling appetite by creating a feeling of fullness. 


- may work by preventing the absorption of substances from the gut that contribute to heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. 


- Oats appear to reduce swelling when applied to the skin.






Fish Collagen peptide


-Shown in studies to reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen synthesis in the body. 


-May aid in the relief of pain in people suffering from joint disorders such as osteoarthritis. 


-May help lower the risk of bone disorders such as osteoporosis.


-Have the potential to help increase BMD and lower blood levels of proteins that promote bone breakdown.






        Rosehip Extract


-Rosehip extract contains polyphenols and anthocyanins, which are thought to reduce joint inflammation and damage. 


-can inhibit the production of specific enzymes that degrade cartilage.


-After three weeks of use with a daily 5-gram rose hip supplement, it can reduce osteoarthritis pain and the need for pain medications is better than a placebo.




Ideal for: 

-Adults & Elderly


-People with joint injuries/ pain/inflammation


-People who have oesteoarthritis






Take 1 sachet daily, mix with 100ml water.




-Store in cool and dry place below 30 degree celsius.

-Pregnant women should not consume.




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