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Inside each of our trillions of cells is an energy generating plant called – mitochondria. Complex biochemical reaction occurs inside the mitochondria to convert food into pure energy which was needed by human to carry out daily activites. The energy is used to power the cells and the organ in our body. 


CoQ10 is a key player in the energy production reaction. If we are in low CoQ10, then energy production is not very efficient in the cells. Therefore, the organs made up of these cells will carry out their activities slow, often ineffective. Well, we have 2 problems when it comes to CoQ10 and mitochondria reactions. Firstly, many people do not have an adequate or sufficient amount to start with. Secondly, as we are getting older, there is less CoQ10 will be produce in our bodies. 


Starting as early as third decades or so, our bodies suffer an unintermittent turn down in generating energy. We often caught ourselves saying “I cannot do what I used to do or I don’t have much energy to do things that I planned.” We wake up in the morning trying to feel productive, but we felt deplete instead of fulfilling ourselves with joy and happiness. By mid-morning, we felt light-headed as our brain cells slump into energy deficit. By mid-afternoon, we are yearning for afternoon nap. Your sex life is stuck in low gear. Your poor overworked cells are hunger for energy, but it never exists as what it wishes. This scenario repeats itself day by day. You are getting flabby because you are too tired and lazy to exercise. You are depressed because life is not what it should be. 


Each of us will definitely experience this energy crisis in a variety of different ways. Some of us may fall victim to exhaustion in later afternoon. Others may find themselves mentally tired and not wanting to think anything logically. Still, some may experience being bone-tired and feeling their youthful enthusiasim leave behind.


In addition, we know that energy is essential for life. Everything we do from breathing to thinking, to keeping our hearts beating requires energy. As we age, our energy production system starts to slow down which has a devastating impact on our other systems for example: our brains are not as sharp, our heart are not beating efficiently, our muscles are weaken, our immune system are vulnerable to diseases and illness. With each passing years, our energy crisis will get worse while the solution to the energy crisis is actually very simple. 


This led to a Professor Anthony W. Linnane, Centre of Molecular Biology and Medicine, Monash University, Clayton Austrialia said that for anyone who age over fifty or so, taking CoQ10 supplements could re-energize aging tissues, alleviate the effects of the aging process and age-associated diseases. 





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